Eric Buddington


City Council

I'm serving as a City Councillor for North Adams. Please send any email about Council or City business to me at

Computer Services

I fix and improve computers. I maintain the systems at NBCTC, and do a fair amount of programming for my own purposes.

If you have a computer problem, I can probably help you. And in the odd case where I can't, I'll help you find someone who can.


I'm a violin and fiddle player. I work with a large variety of talented musicians, and I'm happy to teach interested students.

I can provide music for your wedding or other private event as well - anything from a solo acoustic violin for elegant background music to a five-piece contra dance band and caller for two hunded dancers - or anything in between.

Public Information Project

This is a collection of information about North Adams. It's a fairly scattered collection of public information, rather than an overview of the City.

  • reliable
  • professional
  • insightful
  • tasteful
  • innovative
  • dependable
  • courteous
  • synergistic
  • serendipidous
  • chocolaty
  • haviated
  • creakthruwailen
  • tunnely
  • moraken
  • subbasemanamier
  • tural
  • cratricious
  • souperedous
  • chichillencertaken
  • populcrable
  • willdogist
  • peariatorial
  • strimine
  • exclusinnamelippest
  • spentalizen
  • slageste
  • idosauced
  • transmisailment
  • pedicialin
  • funger
  • geographilboying
  • temercontereds
  • inhandliffied
  • abrons
  • purrealoudled
  • fanthunderpengdal
  • luckhearned
  • shopkiner
  • disomenamalansaying
  • trisinherboxwooed
  • trenementeros
  • moonsenchable
  • disguidared
  • inimalled
  • referrantirian
  • eagangitate
  • infussivestricking
  • disfying
  • coffeudous
  • produloused
  • macuous

People named Eric are generally pretty interesting. I also recommend

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