Poke in the Eye

We're a band consisting of Eric Buddington, Al Goodrich, and (when we're lucky) Dan Broad. We play a mix of traditional and recent fiddle tunes, with no particular loyalty to tradition. Or arrangements. Or anything else. Look, we're just a few guys messing around with instruments, okay?

That said, we have a lot of fun playing at parties or wedding receptions. And we're very good. But most importantly, we have a lot of fun.

So what do you sound like?

Most bands struggle with the decision of what music to just give away on theor websites - a low-quality copy of a tune? A 30-second clip that drops you rudely at the end? Not us - we'll share with you our worst recordings that even we wouldn't dare put on a CD anyway, so no profit lost there. Check out these sub-standard classics, and see if you can find the goofs!

Where can I buy your CD?

You can't. We don't have one. Yet.