CoinciDance History

Without already knowing each other, we were all hired to be on the music staff for Pinewoods Camp's Labor Day Weekend event in September 2007. We met - by coincidence? (hence, our name) - played the weekend together, and decided this was too much fun not to do again. After booking and playing several other dances in the coming year, we formed a band and have been playing together since.

We returned to the Labor Day Weekend event at Pinewoods in 2008, then began playing around Connecticut, the Berkshires, western Massachusetts and the Albany area. We will debut in Montpelier, VT on Aug. 29, and will return on staff again for Pinewoods for Labor Day in Sept. 2009.

Each of our band members has played for a number of years with other bands - for contradances, English dances, vintage dances, tango dances, and concerts, and are avid dancers ourselves - something we consider an important trait for any good dance band!

Pinewoods Labor Day

We have played this in 2007, 2008, and now 2009. It's a fantastic and often relaxing weekend, with English alongside the contra dancing.

Ludlow, Montpelier, and Colonie (August 28-30, 2009)

Our first multi-gig road trip, with the Ludlow Farmer's Market and a fantastic pair of contras (Nils Fredland calling in Montpelier, Rich Futyma in Colonie).

Clark Art Institute Family Day, 2009

With David Millstone calling and a good turnout, we provided family dancing.